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Partnership on Introduced Brokers (IB)

Partnership is mean I have been partnership with some online trading company as an Introduced Broker to promoted their website for some prospectives clients to managed their funds. I will be managed this funds to make a big profit for the investors or traders with my method Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic or Bioeconomic Natural that having a Preventives Ways with motto "High Return Low Risk" that reverse from general rules High Return High Risk. This method can be surfing like in the beach that know much about Biocycle and Biorhytmic which always happen up and down dynamic mechanism in the market on shorterm (daily - weekly), midterm (monthly - quarterly) and longterm (semesterly - yearly) fluctuations.

There are some Brokers - Premium Trading that you can choice to registered in Investing and Trading.

Some Brokers with Trustee and Recomended Broker Rating  :


  1. 5STAR Forex Ltd. / ECN Forex






  9. NSFX

10. Forex4you :

11. Belfor FX :

13. Financial Visualitation :

15. InstaForex Broker :

16. Varengoldbank Broker :

17. Atlas Capital Global Broker :

18. Hot Forex Broker :

19. 1Pipfix :

22. Tadawul FX :

23. Forex Pulse :

24. GFT Broker :

26. EXNESS Forex

28. CF Forex (local Indonesia)



1. Commodity Online

4. CLEAR TRADE Commodity Future Trading

5. Farr Financial Inc.

6. Slipka Trading Inc.

7.  Bright Commodity Broker

Or Another Broker : its your choice the "Broker" that you want and trust it. 

Placement of Idle Fund Management of your company with the Appropriate with Optimal Use Results

By: Edmond F. La'lang
              General fund in the company are only placed in current accounts or deposits in the banking system without being used optimally and profitably. Often the proceeds are deposited in the form of Retained Earnings, Working Capital Fund and Administration Fee will be put into the banks to be stored to having an interest rate gain, although later the results are very small and often negative because inflation ingested. Though there are other investment instruments, such as Bonds, Money Market Mutual Fund, Protected & Fixed Income, as well as other investments, such as the Stock, Forex and Commodities Market.   Read More.......

Will Want to Managed Your Forex, Commodities or Future Index Accounts ?

By : Edmond F. La'lang
             I really think about many peoples who involved in forex or commodities trading not get some profit but may much loose their funds in day trading or longterm trading. So, they may think makes my fund different from other companies to start trading for you. I only need “your brokerage company, name, login and password trading” without investor password that you must keep secretly for your security account. I only have fee of 30 % from "net profit" that I make for you without any other charges. You can send 30 % as Performance Fee by using Bank Wire Transfer. For do that when I manage your trading account you must not change my trades or open your own. This business is trustee for you and me, you trust me for give you much more gain and I trust you to give my fee charge. I have a method that can make “High Return Low Risk” with my "Econobusiness Biocyle Dynamic"  Read More.......  

Longterm Financial Planning Strategy for the Company or Individual

This blog is for give a Longterm Financial Planning Strategy for the company or individual for Investment and Trading in Forex, Future Index and Commodity Market. For this reason, the Client can be having fund as much as like below.
The amount of capital can be flexible with the ability of Mr / Ms with segmentation :
1. Large investors with capital of US$ 25.000 to 100.000
2. Secondary capital investor with US$ 10.000 to 24.000
3. Small investors with capital of US$ 1.000 to 9.000.  Read More.......

Read some of the guidances to be a successfull Investor and Trader :

 - Frequently Asked Questions by a Newbie Investor and Trader

Let see Monthly and Weekly Forecast 
on  Forex, World Indexes and 

Commodities Market

Managing Your Funds with High Return Low Risk

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